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About Kittyjuana

Kittyjuana is natural, premium, organic catnip, grown in a high-country climate. Kittyjuana has a darker green appearance and a higher essential oil content, giving it a more robust catnip aroma. Most of the catnip sold in stores is grown in lower climates and is lighter green, dried out stuff and not as potent as Kittyjuana.

"Higher Altitude, Higher Latitude, Higher Oil Content = Higher Kitty!"

Kittyjuana is made from fresh-cut catnip leaves and buds, packaged in a stay-fresh ziplock baggie. There are lots of places selling catnip out there, but there is only one "Kittyjuana!"

Hide your Kittyjuana in the freezer to keep it fresh and out of kitty's reach.

Kittyjuana is not Marijuana and has no Marijuana in it. FYI, humans cannot get "high" on Kittyjuana or any other catnip. We have heard of people making catnip tea, but this catnip is only for kitty!

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